“Searchlight” album is officially OUT!!

Dearest friends!

The glorious day has finally arrived! “Searchlight”, Only Son’s second album, is available for purchase all over Earth! You can get it right now, right here!!! –> www.onlyson.bandcamp.com

If you haven’t been keeping up with our merciless promotion machine, prepare to be informed like you’ve never been informed before…

This record has been a very long time in the making. After a couple of years of touring and another couple writing and recording, we’re finally ready for the big unveiling! Searchlight has twelve songs, including “Magic”, “It’s A Boy” and “Stamp Your Name On It”. It also features “Call Them Brothers”, a duet written and sung with Regina Spektor. It was co-produced by myself and Eddie “Pull” Frente of kHz, my lifelong friend and all around phenomenal talent. Guest musicians include members of The Strokes, Of Montreal and Robbers On High Street. Holy wowbags.

If you buy it at onlyson.bandcamp.com you’ll also get a thirteenth bonus track for free: “Kick ‘Em Out” features the sweet tropical harmonies of Little Joy’s Fabrizio Moretti and Binki Shapiro!! In addition, people who buy the record from Bandcamp will get a PDF containing the complete set of guitar chords and lyrics for the album so you can play it YOURSELF. Not. Effin. Bad.

If you happen to be loyal to certain providers of music or fear change (no judgment, gramps), the album is also available via iTunes.


If you like the satisfaction of physical objects as I do, you can buy it at Amazon and indie record stores in select cities across the US. It don’t matter where you get it sucka, just get it! Buy one for yourself, buy one for a friend. Buy one for a family member. Buy one for a deceased historical figure. Buy one for your dog’s girlfriend. Buy three for your high school sweetheart’s ex-husband, two for your lunch lady’s hairnet, six for your first bowl of cereal ever, another two for that guy over there and a few more for whoever might wind up passed out in your car with nothing to listen to tonight. Do you understand these instructions????? GO!!!!!!

Let me express my endless thanks to everyone who helped in the making of this album and everyone who has supported my music over the years. It means a lot. For real. I hope you enjoy the new stuff. The band and I can’t wait to play it for you. Give me a write and lemme know if you got it -I’d love to hear from you all!



PS: If you haven’t seen the music videos yet check them out!!
It’s A Boy

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