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Searchlight has twelve songs and special guest appearances by some amazing friends, including members of The Strokes, Of Montreal and Robbers On High Street.  The record also features “Call Them Brothers”, a duet written and sung with Regina Spektor!  For those people that

purchase the album from us directly on, we’ve included a free bonus track: “Kick ‘Em Out” features the sweet harmonies of Little Joy‘s Fabrizio Moretti and Binki Shapiro.  In addition, you’ll receive a PDF containing the complete guitar chords and lyrics to the entire 13 song album!!

Track listing:
1. Magic
2. Searchlight
3. It’s A Boy
4. Stamp Your Name On It
5. Solo Mission
6. The Same Two Places
7. Someone
8. All Is Holy
9. Call Them Brothers (featuring Regina Spektor)
10. You Stayed At Home
11. Pop The Reins
12. Falling Behind In The Game
13. Kick ‘Em Out (bonus track from


THE DROP TO THE TOP (Cassette Recordings, 2006)

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The Drop To The Top, the remarkable debut album from Jack Dishel‘s Only Son, is a lesson in sincerity and restraint. The former Moldy Peaches guitarist’s melodic, unaffected pop-rock … is a consistently engaging listen. … The Drop To The Top is a truly exciting debut. The transcendent “My Museum” is reason enough to seek it out, but as a whole the record is a strong indication that this may just be the beginning for Jack Dishel and Only Son. –HYBRIDmagazine

Track Listing:

1. Long Live The Future
2. Brand New Broken Heart
3. My Museum
4. Quiet Surrender
5. House On The Highway
6. Two In The Ruins
7. Only A Tool
8. Sleepyface
9. The Captain’s Dead At The Controls
10. Black Limousine
11. True


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